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23.04.2019 |  Kinky Luna Zürich, Swiss
Mit meiner positiven und aufgestellten Art fällt es mir leicht Menschen zu erreichen. Ich liebe und lebe Kink, Tantra & BDSM aus ganzem Herzen. Durch meine bereichernden privaten Erlebnisse, wurde ich inspiriert, dies auch professionell anzubieten.

19.04.2019 | Domina Erotica Black Beauty New Jersey, USA
I  am Domina Erotica ... Black Beauty, exotic long fingernail Mistress of  eroticism, Disciplinarian, Humiliatrix, world traveler, sub space  Provider and Fetish Model. A versatile Domina of class, distinction and  sophistication maneuvering with the experience of unparallel domination.  A behaviour modification specialist knowledgeable in attitude  adjustments with alluring control.

17.04.2019 | Asgard - BDSM Palace Liechtenstein
Der  BDSM-Palast und die erotische Erlebniswelt in Liechtenstein. Finde bei  uns deine professionelle Domina, Bizarrlady, Switcherin oder Sklavin und  genieße mit ihr das atemberaubende Ambiente auf 260qm. Jeder Gast ist  dabei komplett ungestört. Einzigartig und ein echter Geheimtipp.

12.04.2019 | Mistress Marta Hanover Germany
I'm  a genuinely sadistic Dominatrix, stunning, sophisticated and seductive  person. I'll intuitively take you to your darkest desires...

07.04.2019 | Trannies in trouble Other interesting Fetish Sites
"It's not really bondage till you want out..."

07.04.2019 | Solidarität - Queer LGBT - Toms Senf Vol.3 in meinem Blog

31.03.2019 | Alina Pain Wien, Austria
Ich bin Alina Pain, leidenschaftliche Domina aus Wien. Es wird dir nicht schwer fallen, dich mir zu unterwerfen, denn du wirst schnell merken, dass die Aura, die mich umgibt, absolut einzigartig ist und dass diese dich in Windeseile vereinnahmen wird.

31.03.2019 | Lady Ellen Reich Dortmund, Germany
Lass uns abtauchen in mein Reich - in meine Welt. Die Welt der Nähe, der Berührung, der intensiven Gefühle… Erotische Dominanz, Doktorspiele,  Massagen (von Tantra bis Schmerzmassage)...

26.03.2019 | Toms Video Interview mit Comtesse la Moet aus Karlsruhe, Germany

20.03.2019 | Mistress Li Theodora, Kreuzlingen, Swiss
Diskrete Lounge am Bodensee, Gespräche, Coaching und Beratung für  BDSM-Liebhaber, Klassische Erziehung und Rollenspiele in der Bibliothek  der Direktorin

13.03.2019 | Atelier Ahriman Nürnberg, Germany
Ein Haus der unterschiedlichsten Zeitalter integriert mit einem Weinkontor der Extraklasse in angenehmer und ungezwungener Atmosphäre. Ahriman bedeutet im weitesten Sinne "zerstörerischer Geist". Die Ausübung von Macht und Härte findet bei uns eine neue Dimension...

12.03.2019 | SM-Studio, Antwerpen, Belgium
have the experience, resources and the need to make a difference in your existence. Red welts which cause, even after days, that you almost can not sit in your office chair: those are mine.

11.03.2019 | Domina Dshuna Divine Winterthur, Schweiz
Charismatisch, intelligent, anspruchsvoll und dominant. Ich gestalte unsere Session in meiner stilvollen klassischen Residenz INSTITUT DIVINE mit privatem Ambiente

09.03.2019 | Madamé Kali Dreadful Mönchengladbach, Germany
*Free  Body - Free Mind* Der Leitfaden der mich sein lässt wer ich bin! Ungewöhnlich, erfrischend,- andersartig!! Die vollkommende Reinheit der Dominanz erwartet dich denn ich verstehe Fetisch, in all seinen  Facetten.

06.03.2019 | Lady Despina München, Germany
Domina  Lady Despina *jung, sadistisch, versiert* Bist Du bereit dich deinen  Phantasien hinzugeben? Bist Du bereit dich meinem Sadismus und meinem  Verlangen zu opfern...

05.03.2019 | Rubber Empire Other interesting Sites
Global Site Update

25.02.2019 | Mistress Helena Oslo, Norway
Norwegian Pro Domme with 20 years experience in BDSM

12.02.2019 | Incontri Mistress Milano Italy, Milan
Free local Domme directory. Find your Mistress in Milano, Mistress Milano  Directory is your source for quality Italian Female Domination

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Sexy Lena
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Femdom Foto
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Madame Graf
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Mistress Nora Marinelli
Toms Interview im Februar 2019
Mit aXelle de Sade

  Location: Paris, France

Tel.: Joignable au + 33 6 41 11 38 58 tous les jours de 10h à 19h

Vorwort: Das Interview hat Sven mit aXelle de Sade geführt!

Sven: How have you discovered your interest in Domination?
aXelle de Sade: Almost  all human beings eventually incorporate BDSM practices into their  sexual games without knowing it, without giving it a name, a label.   Indeed, blindfolding your partner, shackling him or her, feeling like a  bitch or as all-powerful, these are already components of BDSM and they  naturally find their place in so-called vanilla sex...  The decorum  often associated, i. e. the costumes and sophisticated accessories are  not necessary to practice BDSM.  For example, right now I use office  rubber bands a lot to torture my submissives. I like to repurpose  objects from everyday life.  
So,  to answer your question, I don't remember a specific starting point in  my practice.  I associated my fantasies with BDSM a decade ago when I  went to my first fetish party and started going to Paris-Munch meetings.  Since then, I have been immersed in the exploration of creative  sexuality in the broadest sense, that is, I look at the entire spectrum  of the intimate.

Sven: How would you describe yourself?
aXelle de Sade: When  I introduce myself, I often say that I have been dominant for  generations, a way of saying that I was raised in a matriarchy and that  my history has made me what I am today...
Like  my illustrious ancestor, the Marquis*, I live in Paris precisely near  Bastille in a beautiful apartment that I occasionally transform when my  toy chest opens and the candles are lit. Thirty-something chameleon, I’m  sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette with long or short hair, dressed  in latex or fur, leather, zentai, kimono, tutu on point...  But I'm not  going to reveal to you here the full extent of my wardrobe.
As  a political artist, I am known in other spheres under different names,  on different days when I create or participate in events where creative  sexualities are presented, taught, discussed, practiced...
As  an activist for STRASS, the French sex workers union, I fight to work  under better conditions for both my clients and myself.
*An  irony of history, the Marquis de Sade was transferred on July 4, 1789  from the Bastille prison to the Charenton prison, 10 days before the  French revolution.

Sven: For how long are you working as a professional Mistress? Where can slaves meet you nowadays?
aXelle de Sade: I  have been practicing professional domination for 6 years.  But I have  existed in the small world of positive sex for about 10 years where I  enjoy a certain reputation due to the quality and originality of the  events I conceive.
I live in Paris, I am a real Parisian and my submissives can meet me there. I  can also travel anywhere in the world as long as a first contact has  been made in my lair.  I have already visited Guadeloupe, Vienna or the  Maldives accompanied by a sub.

Sven: What are the qualities a slave should have to serve you on a regular basis?
aXelle de Sade: The  BDSM relationship is a dance of two, three, four... the impulse is  given by the dominant, nevertheless, submission is not a passive  posture. It’s quite the contrary.
During  the first meeting, I explain to all my newbies (my new subjects) what I  expect from them, which can be summarized in three points:
-  To be alive, to express oneself, to play, to take postures, behaviours  and vocabularies adapted to what the submissive wants to incarnate (dog,  horse, patient, child, employee, cuckolded boyfriend, slut, whore,  furniture...)
Indeed,  being impassive, playing the “starfish” is an absolute no!  This  passivity gives me the impression of playing with a wall.  I have no  echo, no feedback of what is being played out in the other's psyche.  My  game is not energized and I tend to get bored very quickly, suffering  from the inactivity of the submissive.
To be a good submissive is to connect with your mistress, so it is on the exchange that an intense BDSM relationship is built.
-  Know your limits and respect them: even if together we explore all the  corners of the subject's phantasmagoria, it is necessary for him to know  how to say stop when you fall into disgrace or when pleasure is  supplanted by a negative emotion.
- Ask for "spermission,” i.e. authorization before ejaculating during the session.

Sven: Do you allowed your slave to come during a session?
aXelle de Sade: Yes, often but not systematically, some submissives are not there for that.

Sven: Do you have a spezial fetish or a favourite practice?  
aXelle de Sade: I  have a wide range of practices.  I like a lot, it depends on the  moment, my inspiration, and the submissive, too.  It is growing as I  explore personally.  For example, every year I participate in festivals  like Erosphere all over Europe, I am constantly learning, developing and  exploring new practices.  Lately, I've had a lot of fun with  forniphilia, the art of transforming a person into human furniture.  Put  like that, it sounds silly, but in fact it means being forced...  letting go, waiting, rejoicing to feel on your skin a feeling of hot,  cold, getting excited when you feel something brush your sex...  I  organized a course with a nurse to learn urethral catheterization,  refine my enema practice or even cause physical stress with plaster  strips.  Finally, I have just been offered an anal hook and I have  acquired a magnificent belt dildo and they have become my fetish objects  of the moment.

Sven: What would the perfect slave be alike – how would he have to be?
aXelle de Sade: The  perfect submissive is a chimera.  Perfection is death, the search for  an absolute mortal.  When I take a submissive as a member, I always ask  him the object of his research, his motivations.  I can answer him  positively if his request is based on Eros, i.e. creation, exploration,  personal development and acceptance.  If, on the contrary, I judge that  his need enters the register of Thanatos, i.e. deadly, I decline the  request.

Sven: What is absolutely impossible for you within a SM-session?
aXelle de Sade: I'm not crazy for Caviar. My orifices are not included in the service and do not form the basis of the relationship.

Sven: Is there a certain fantasy you never lived before?  
aXelle de Sade: I have two unrealized fantasies in my head:
-  I imagine being the proud owner of a sperm farm: one submissive per  box, a bit like in artisanal agriculture, all on 4 legs, harnessed so  that they are suspended.  At the head of a beautiful team of  dominatrixes, we spend every hour milking our livestock.
-  My other wish is impossible to achieve today: an SM session with a  submissive and five dominatrixes in a upper circle box of the Garnier  Opera in Paris, on the first floor, where the other spectators cannot  see what is happening, where there’s a curtain and a small sofa in the  back, all in red velvet, there’s a mirror and the lights are dimmed.  I  would invite four of my domina friends and one submissive, without the  latter being informed of my accomplices.  The show begins and he begins  to feel soft hands caressing him, scratching them gently.  Then a scarf  is tied around his head.  After one or two operatic arias, he feels a  bond knotting on his wrists and ankles.  His pants are slowly untied, he  feels a cold liquid settle on his sex...  to be continued.....
Tom: This sounds great!!!... smile

Sven: Beside being a gorgeous Mistress what are you hobbies in life?
aXelle de Sade: I  spend most of my free time campaigning for the recognition of the  rights of sex workers in France, a quasi-abolitionist country. With the  STRASS, I have set up a health insurance system for sex workers.
I  still organize events dedicated to creative sexuality in Paris such as  Erosphère or SubSpace, my latest creation, a live action SM role-play  with 25 people in various scripted worlds.

Sven: Ich bedanke mich für das Interview

Weitere Interviews
12.12.2018 | Lana Andersson, aus Zürich, Schweiz

10.12.2018 | Lady Cheyenne de Muriel aus Suttgart, Germany (Video)

16.11.2018 | Lady Alina aus Köln, Germany

05.10.2018 | Diva Nova, aus Köln, Germany

02.07.2018 | Baroness Mercedes aus Gelsenkrichen, Germany (Video)

04.09.2018 | Herrin Blackdiamoond, aus Berlin, Germany

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Comtesse la Moet
Femdom Foto
The Strapon Site
The Strapon Site
MaXime von Luven
Empress MaXime von Luven
Baroness Mercedes
Baroness Mercedes aus Gelsenkirchen
Photo Galerien
Bilder welche neugierig auf mehr machen...

Atelier Ahriman
Atelier Ahriman

Wir bieten klassische Dominanz der Extraklasse gepaart mit leidenschaftlichem Sadismus, bizarre, berührbare, nahbare und unnahbare Dominanz.
Bei uns finden Genüsse ihre Vollendung, selbst ein Glas Wein bekommt hier einen anderen Charakter. Klassische Erziehung, berührbare Dominanz im schwarzen Bereich, Klinik, Rollenspiele sowie Gummi-Erziehung und TV-Erziehung bzw. TV-Ausbildung, gehören mit zu unserem Repertoire.
Daneben Persönlichkeitsentwicklung sowie Langzeitaufenthalte und vieles mehr finden hier ihre Vollendung. Einzel - und Paarberatung der unortodoxeren Methode

Öffnungszeiten: Mo. - So.: von 12:00 Uhr - 24:00 Uhr

Location: Nürnberg , Germany


Tel.: +49 (0)911-27776723

Weitere Galerien
Das Fetisch Institut bietet 4 individuelle Räume zum spielen. Zur Erziehung können wir folgende Hilfsmittel und Spielzeuge...

16.01.2019 | aXelle de Sade
In this dance that I invite you to enter, a sensual,  intimate and  alchemical dance, I shall take up your body and your spirit  and shall  subject you totally to my rites and spells.

27.12.2018 | Miss Jessica
I am a strict and frequently cruel woman, who thoroughly  enjoys punishing and torturing misbehaving subs during my dominatrix  sessions.

Hat sich durch seine monatliche BDSM-Sex-Kolumne im BOXMagazin bundesweit einen Namen gemacht. Neben seiner Stammresidenz in Berlin gastiert er auch an anderen renommierten Adressen in Deutschland / Schweiz

Seit mittlerweile über 20 Jahren gilt der ABB als die renommierteste Adresse für bizarre-fetisch Action in NRW. Unangefochten ist der ABB seither das größte und umfangreichste Studio des Ruhrgebietes.

Leidenschaftliche Dominas und Sklavinnen welche  es wirklich lieben die Gäste nach Ihren Wünschen glücklich zu machen.

10.11.2018 | Madame Gillette
Für mich ist das, was ich tue und anbiete mehr, als eine magische Passion, mehr, als eine tiefe Neigung, mehr als nur ein Spiel – es ist pure Lust am Spiel mit der Macht.

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Aurora Z.
Aurora Z.
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Lez Dom Entertainment
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Dominated Men
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