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Seit 2001 der politisch und gesellschaftlich nicht ganz korrekter Fetish Guide mit Links zu hunderten Domina, Femdom und Fetish Seiten weltweit.
Toms Blog, Interviews und Videos mit Dominas und Fetishisten, Infos und Foto Galerien.

Twitter / 20.09.2019 Information in eigener Sache!
Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage und weil mich gewisse "Herrinnen" unter Androhung von "Schlägen" dazu genötigt haben, gibt es nun Tom auch bei Twitter.

Wer mir dort "folgen" will erhält aktuellen infos über neue Einträge, Interviews, Galerien, Videos, etc in meinem Fetish Guide.
The last updates
Die neusten Einträge und Links in meinem Fetish Guide

19.04.2021 Goddess Lila Miami, USA
Goddess Lila is a findom and femdom goddess offering online humiliation and cash rinsing sessions.

31.03.2021 Mrs Bizarre Domina Rotterdam The Netherlands
I think that everyone already knows that exquisite dominant woman as I am, loves obedient and cooperative men

31.03.2021 Goddess Faustine Cox - San Francisco USA
Serve  and Spoil Elite Holistic San Francisco Dominatrix and Strapon and  Fisting Expert in Her opulent, private dungeon loft and feel the bliss  of belonging to your one true Alpha Goddess. Ten years of experience. I  demand full obedience and devotion to My pleasure and will mold you to  My desire. Do you have what it takes to serve Goddess and Her FEMPIRE?

31.03.2021 Domina Anya Las Vegas USA
If  you seek to learn your place beneath a TRUE Goddess, Libertine and  Dominant, your search is over. Anya loves to administer a strict  whipping and using HER many toys.

24.11.2020 Mistress Selina Bellatrix Barcelona Spain
Barcelona  Mistress with fluent english. I create a role play scenario that we  both enjoy, and from there I organically deploy the practices we agreed  upon, as part of the story.

16.11.2020 Lady Violet Scotland, Glasgow
My long violet hair, piercing blue eyes and sensational curves coupled with my height make me a force to be reckoned with! My no nonsense approach to dicipline will not allow any disobedience.

14.09.2020 Interview with Mistress Maya - Escort Rankings  

17.08.2020 | Domina Herrin Liane Schweiz- Zürich, Winterthur & Deutschland - Berlin, München
Mit Konsequenz und Authentizität begegne ich Sklaven , Delinquenten, Masochisten und Anwärtern. Ich spiele keine Rolle sondern ich bin was ich bin. Domina aus Leidenschaft.

14.08.2020 | Mademoiselle Arielle  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Elite independent Mistress and high class GFE Amsterdam escort. The perfect luxury companion for GFE, kinky, bdsm and international VIP travel escort services.

10.08.2020 | Mistress Eve London, UK
English Dominant and sexual Goddess. Come and worship at My feet, I am London's first ever Sensual Mistress.

29.07.2020 | Wir die Erotik Branche benötigen eure Hilfe und Unterstützung.
Streichelpetition Sicher & Legal  Wiedereinstieg für erotische Dienstleitungen Mit gutem Schutz- und Hygienemaßnahmen für unsere Gesundheit.

29.07.2020 | Neuer Eintrag in meinem Blog. Die Dauerwelle

13.07.2020 | Lady Lexi  Zürich, Basel und Luzern - Schweiz
Du sehnst dich nach Führung, willst dich ausliefern oder einfach nur benutzt werden...
Es  gefällt dir, gepeinigt, niedergemacht oder angeprangert zu werden. Du  fühlst dich erfüllt, wenn du einer jungen Lady dienen darfst, empfindest  es als Ehre sich ihr zu unterwerfen...

01.07.2020 | Goddess Stella Sol San Francisco, USA
San  Francisco and America Area Dominatrix Mistress Goddess Stella Sol  Specializing in Findom with a Sensual Twist. Available for in-call and  out-call.

18.06.2020 | Herrin Chloe München, Germany
Herrin Chloe deine strenge Sklavenerziehung in meiner Hand. Ich weiß,  wie man aus dir den perfekten Sklaven macht, oder dich zu einer schönen  Sissy Bitch erzieht. Knie nieder und stelle dich bei mir als Sklave vor.

18.06.2020 | Lady Renee
Enjoy now my art of Domination at Empress Empire

10.06.2020 | Herrin Samantha Hanover, Germany
Brainfucks, Hypnose und Mindcontrol bis zum absoluten Kontrollverlust und darüber hinaus! Ich zeige dir einen völlig anderen Weg und kontrolliere dich auf so viele Weisen, wie du es dir nicht mal ansatzweise vorstellen kannst.

22.05.2020 | Domina Kaya Malaga, Spain
A young professional dominatrix, english\spanish speaking, based in Malaga, Costa del sol, Spain.

04.05.2020 | Victoria Wolf Los Angeles, USA
A young mysterious Domme in Los Angeles, I am the Mistress of your Mind.

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Rubber Street Art - Free Trailer
Toms Interview im Aprill 2020
Mit Maitresse Angelik

  Location: Paris, France

Vorwort: Das Interview hat Sven mit Maitresse Angelik geführt!

Sven: Hello Maitresse Angelik, thank you for  taking time for an interview with me. At the moment our world is a bit  out of order, how is the situation in Paris at the moment and how does  this affect to your mission as a dominatrix
Maitresse Angelik: I left Paris on March 17th to respect containment. Containment almost everywhere in the world. It is essential to temporarily stop Bdsm  activities, For the good of all. I will give again my meetings in Paris asap when the situation allows. In the meantime I suggest meetings in Visio...

Sven: May I ask how long have you been practicing your art of BDSM an ift  there was a special point you figure out that this is what you want to  do in Live.
Maitresse Angelik: I have been practicing Bdsm for many years, first it started in my  private life for years with my partner at the time. Our meeting was  obvious...
It made me want to open my Dungeon in Paris 16 Eme. And it's been 8 years that I exercise the art of bdsm ...
Bdsm in my life allows me to develop personally, to meet different people, to sharpen my sense of psychology and also to get to know myself better   ... Living my life as a Mistress allows me to be in agreement with myself, this corresponds to my intellectual construction ...

Sven: What dreams has such an experienced mistress like you still in the  fetish live, is there anything you would still be tempted to do or do to  a slave.
Maitresse Angelik: What I like most is being on the dividing line  between extremes. Pushing the limits yes, but not as a goal, rather as a journey, a journey which brings to a climax, the quest of all those who enter a dungeon. It is a subtle game between anticipating the individual search for a submissive, following his path  then guiding him where he had not imagined. Put  him in the unexpected situation that will get him what he wanted but  more intense more destabilizing while being in osmosis with his desires.  It is this feeling of total control which is the true essence of a Mistress in any case from my point of view, know how to guide by the subtle game knowing how to guide by the subtle game of listening and constraint. We enter my dungeon to go also to other unsuspected explorations, join this invisible line that I draw mentally.

Sven: Who is the person behind the dominatrix, you can tell my readers a  little bit about yourself and your life away from the dungeon
Maitresse Angelik: I am quite identical in life as in "scene".
I have a healthy lifestyle, I am sporty and I have a great thirst for culture.

Sven: Paris is a very international city with guests from all over the world, Do you also offer sessions in English or German?
Maitresse Angelik: Indeed, in Paris I meet people from different countries. I have regularly done sessions in English And in Spanish ..

Sven: I am curious what will  be the first thing you will do when the "quarantine" is over and we all  hopefully find our way back to a normal life.
Maitresse Angelik: There are so many things that we will want to do after this confinement. What remains a priority and essential for me, will be to find my loved ones and the people I appreciate ..
Then all the leisure activities which I am on will no longer have the same taste for banality.

Sven:  I just noticed that you  also offer sessions in Geneva. Do you like to travel and are you also  on tour in other cities from time to time?
Maitresse Angelik: I like a lot to travel around the world, I like to meet new people, to meet new people. It is very enriching.
Apart  from my Dungeon in Paris, I practice to Geneva for some years (every  month a passage) I am also considering Luxembourg this year.
These two destinations are very practical from Paris.

Sven:  With what may a guest surprise you or make you happy if you grant him an audience in your art?
Maitresse Angelik: The primary satisfaction for a mistress is the invisible link that can  be created and give birth to a form of perfect communion in gestures and  expectations.
A language of looks, of imperceptible movements of the other which incites provokes invites to simplicity as to the extreme.
It  is this osmosis that is the most gratifying of the gifts that a guest  can provoke, being in total abandonment within the very strict framework  of domination.

Sven: What is on your mind right now or is there anything you would like to say to the world or your guests?
Maitresse Angelik: My state of mind today is to create even more magic in my sessions, to reinforce this feeling of total liberation, of an almost unreal moment and where time no longer exists.  
I favor for my guests the intensity, the journey towards its deepest requirements with what will remain engraved in their memories the taste of physical and cerebral adrenaline.

Sven: Ich bedanke mich für das Interview

Weitere Interviews

15.02.2020 | Miss Megan Bound aus Karlsruhe, Germany (Video)

03.01.2020 | 24/7.S Eigentum der Herrin, Germany

20.09.2019 | Miss Shiva Bitch aus Karlsruhe, Germany (Video)

25.07.2019 | Comtesse la Moet aus Karlsruhe, Germany (Video)

25.05.2019 | Goddess Gypsy aus Miami & Boca Raton, FL, USA

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Lady Lexi
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Dominated Men
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Madame Gillette
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Rubber Empire
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Lady Blackdiamoond
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Baroness Mercedes
Baroness Mercedes aus Gelsenkirchen
Photo Galerien
Bilder welche neugierig auf mehr machen...

Domina Herrin Liane
Domina Herrin Liane

Mit Konsequenz und Authentizität begegne ich Sklaven , Delinquenten, Masochisten und Anwärtern.
Ich spiele keine Rolle sondern ich bin was ich bin. Domina aus Leidenschaft.
Gnadenlos gehe ich bis an deine Grenzen und auch darüber hinaus um dir zu zeigen wo du hingehörst.
Es gibt viele Facetten die es zu leben gilt.
Gegenseitiges Vertrauen ist Erfolgsgarant für eine gelungene Audienz und geht einher mit der strikten Einhaltung deiner Tabus.
Das Spiel zwischen Lust und Schmerz ist äußerst reizvoll und unwahrscheinlich befreiend.
Gib die Kontrolle ab!

Ich biete folgendes an:
Bastonade / Flagellation - Klassische Erziehungspraktiken - Rohrstockerziehung -
Rollenspiele - Inhaftierung - Atemkontrolle - Fixierung - Schmerz-Therapie -
Restriktionen - Langzeitbehandlungen - Peinliche Untersuchungen -
Harnröhrenbehandlungen - Rektale Dehnungen - Klistier - Distinguierte - CBT - Elektro

Location: Schweiz- Zürich, Winterthur & Deutschland - Berlin, München


Weitere Galerien

20.05.2020  | Ava von Eden
Ganz besonderes Augenmerk habe ich auf die Abrichtung zum willigen Toiletten-Sklaven (NS,KV )gerichtet.

15.03.2020 | Mistress Amandara
With a very sadistic side you will feel my extreme rough approach as my softness and attention to fragility.

Oxy Shop is an online BDSM Gears company focusing on   femdom & chastity devices.

03.02.2020 | Ikona Black
Spezialistin in der subtilen Verführung deiner Sinne.

15.01.2020 | Mistress Susi
Als  ehemaliges, internationales Fotomodel war Mistress Susi schon immer  eine Frau, welche Männer gerne den Kopf verdrehte und dabei die totale  Kontrolle über Sie gewann.

02.12.2019 | Asgard - BDSM Palace
Das Reich geheimer Fantasien im Fürstentum Liechtenstein. Niveauvoller BDSM- & Softserve Service in atemberaubendem Ambiente!

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Aurora Z.
Aurora Z.
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Lez Dom Entertainment
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Lady Sidney
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Sissy Slut Training
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